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M3 Research A/S acquired by a French Listed Company

The partners of M3 Research A/S are very pleased to announce that the company has been acquired by a French Listed Company, Bilendi (ALBLD)

Through this acquisition M3 Research will have access to survey panels in 11 European countries with a total panel size of more than 2,000,000 persons compared with the present number of about 300,000 panelists. In fact the customers of M3 Research operating in the European market very much demand this large number of panelists. Furthermore the company will be able to offer a number of new products within the field of loyalty programs thanks to the expertise of the French Bilendi company.

The CEO of the M3 Research, Helle Oddershede says; “Of course we are extremely proud that a French listed company has shown interest in our company. We have always focused on the Nordic countries and this strategy makes our company a perfect fit with Bilendi’s portfolio of companies located in the other European countries”. Bilendi does not intend to make any significant changes in M3 Research other than providing the company with new customers and products. Thereby the plan is to develop M3 Research in the Nordic countries.

M3 Research A/S has experienced a significant development since the company was established in 2007. The company has grown to approx. 30 employees located at offices in Odense, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki. For the past three financial years the company has received the Gazelle prize of the Danish newspaper “Børsen” and in 2012 M3 Research A/S was awarded the fastest growing Gazelle Company in the Region of Southern Denmark. 

The two founders of M3 Research - Mik S. Oddershede, CEO and Steen Agerskov, CSO as well Helle Oddershede, Partner and CEO will continue in the company and there are no plans of changing the management structure of M3 Research.

The price of this acquisition will not be informed.


For more information, please do not hesitate to contact

CEO Helle Oddershede: +45 30888876