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High-end quality data collection

The M3 Research Quality Management program is the cornerstone of M3 Research and formulates strict guidance in all stages of the value chain for conducting high-end quality data collection and market research.

The M3 Research Quality Management program involves 3 areas.

  1. Panel recruitment & management
  2. Project management 
  3. ESOMAR - Code to internet research


Panel recruitment & management

Powered by our diversified multi-source recruitment approach using more than 1,000 online and offline sources and our active panel management policies we constantly monitor and secure the composition and quality of our market research panels.


Project management

Our experienced project management department is involved in all stages of the value chain for a research project. The M3 Research project management department closely monitors surveys in field and secures that data collection lives up to our quality standards.


ESOMAR - Code to internet research

ESOMAR, the global organization for enabling better research into markets, consumers and societies, has introduced guidance and uniform quality standards to secure that internet based market and opinion research is used effectively and responsibly for market and opinion research purposes. We believe in the ESOMAR code of conduct for conducting Market and opinion research using the internet and we adhere to or exceed its standards.

Go to Quality to learn more about our approach to Panel recruitment & management, Project management and ESOMAR 28 – Code to internet research.