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Panel recruitment & management

Powered by our diversified multi-source recruitment approach using more than 1,000 online and offline sources and our active panel management policies we constantly monitor and secure the composition and quality of our market research panels.

Panel recruitment and Panel management policies are as follows:

  • Multi-source recruitment – M3 Panels are multi-sourced via more than 1,000 sources and constantly refreshed. Panel Members are recruited exclusively using permission-based techniques. M3 Panels are recruited via both online and offline sources including:
  • Radio – major networks
  • Ads in newspapers
  • Ads in magazines
  • Telephone recruitment (CATI)
  • Public relations
  • Partnerships/Alliances
  • Internet banners
  • Internet newsletters
  • Member-get-member program
  • Actively recruited - Members are recruited exclusively using permission-based techniques, where M3 panelists actively sign up to the M3 Panels.
  • Double opt-in registration - All M3 panelists are recruited via a double opt-in e-mail process and have voluntarily agreed to participate in our various online research studies.
  • Research only - M3 Panels are used only for market research purposes.
  • Incentives – In respect for panelist’s time spent and appreciation for participation, all M3 panelists receive points to be used in M3’s Panel shop, which offers a variety of gifts.
  • Highly profiled - Panelists are regularly encouraged to update their profiles.
  • History - Entire participation history of every panelist is stored and monitored.
  • Carefully monitored – Panelists who complete surveys to quickly or give inconsistent responses are removed.
  • Carefully invited - Panelists are not over contacted ensuring panel membership is a positive experience.