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State-of-the-art Research Platform

Powered by a complete, integrated online market research platform, M3 Research is equipped to keep our clients ahead!

Our research platform is an advanced market research software solution that efficiently meets even the most complex online survey research needs and simplifies market research management throughout all phases of the market research work process - from panel management to analysis and reporting.

Our research platform centralizes all market research processes and allows us to manage all facets of our research projects in a single location. Its integrated data collection tools allow us to collect and compare data from a variety of online and offline sources.

Projects of any scope or complexity are handled with our research platform and allow us to work closer with our clients than ever before. Our research platform is fully tested and certified and throughout the world more than 8000 projects are conducted per year.

Our clients are offered access to their own client-restricted reporting portal that centralizes and stores all their survey results and project documents at a single location. This client-restricted reporting portal furthermore equips our clients with a comprehensive and easy-to-use research tool that get information to decision makers quickly and keep our clients ahead.